Melina Soochan

RCM Piano Teacher No. 112201

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South Florida Piano Teacher

Servicing Plantation / Sunrise / Davie

Melina Soochan

Melina Soochan offers private one-on-one lessons in classical and jazz piano to students in the South Florida region of Plantation, FL, and around the world through online classes. Melina follows the Royal Conservatory of Music Classical curriculum at the core with complementary instruction in Jazz and Pop. Students get a comprehensive overview of piano-playing either for their own enjoyment and personal development, or to pursue official RCM music certification.

Telephone: FaceTime 1-954-408-5947

Private Piano Lessons with Melina Soochan:

  • Location: Plantation, FL (near Sunrise and University), or Online
  • Lesson length:
    • Weekly 1h lessons for kids age 8+, teens and adults
    • Weekly 30min lessons for kids age 8 and younger
  • Schedule: Mondays/Tuesdays/Wednesdays (contact Melina for current availabilities):
  • Specialized in:
    • Adults
    • Teenagers
    • Children ages 4+
  • All prospective students must participate in an initial assessment to determine their current level of piano competency, reading skills, and theory knowledge, and to discuss their objectives. Please note: Due to limited space, not all students are accepted.
  • Curriculum: All lessons follow the Classical methodology, with a minimum of 25% of time dedicated to Jazz/Pop instruction for older students.
    • Classical: Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum
      • Beginner to intermediate levels, from Preparatory A through to Grade 8
      • RCM Examination Preparation
      • Theory and Ear Training
    • Jazz/Pop: Overview of jazz standards, pop songs, and improvisation methods


Sessions are 12 weeks unless stated otherwise. All pricing is to be paid in full at start of session. Does not include cost of books.

One-on-One Lessons (in Person or Online using FaceTime):

  • $60USD/h
  • $45USD/45 min
  • $30USD/30min (recommended for kids age 8 and younger)
  • An additional travel fee of $20USD/lesson will be charged for lessons in your own home, restricted to the areas of service. Limited availability.

For US students, payments are made through Zelle, cash or check.

For Canadian students, payments are made through E-transfer.

For international students, payments are made through Paypal.

Two programs of study:

Enjoyment of Music

Students learn the basics of playing piano for enjoyment and personal development.

  • 12 One-on-one lessons
  • Music reading and basic theory
  • Easy popular Classical pieces
  • Introduction to Jazz/Pop

RCM Exam Prep

Personalized coaching to prepare students for official RCM exams.

  • 12 One-on-one lessons
  • Mock examination(s)
  • Complementary study in technique, theory, ear-training, sight-reading, harmony, history, counterpoint, analysis (as required by the RCM curriculum)
  • Registration to the next appropriate RCM exam (exam sessions are held in January, April, June and August)
  • Jazz/Pop Immersion

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All students must have access to a piano or a keyboard with at least 60 keys to start lessons. For online lessons, a smart phone or Ipad on a stand or simply propped up, with good wifi connection is best, placed at an angle where the teacher can see the student and their hands on the keys (see images below).

Online Piano Lesson Set-up

Online Piano Lesson View

The Royal Conservatory of Music: What is it?

  • Internationally recognized and prestigious certification program for music
  • 10 grades, including preparatory levels and Gr 1-10, ending in the Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto (ARCT) Diploma
  • Examinations test competencies in performance of selected repertoire, studies, technique, ear training, sight-reading and playback.
  • Each level requires a passing grade in practical examinations, and for the upper levels, theoretical (written) examinations as well
  • By taking weekly lessons, it takes approximately one year per grade, two years in the upper levels (Gr 6+)
  • The ARCT Performer's Diploma is considered equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in Music from a recognized university

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Melina Soochan's Credentials:

Melina Soochan performing

  • Certified Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto (ARCT) Performer's Diploma (Classical Piano), 2010
  • Bachelor of Music (Classical Piano) from McGill University, 2008, Montreal
  • MBA, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, 2015, Montreal
  • Double DEC in Health Science and Music (Classical Piano), Marianopolis College, 2005, Montreal
  • Program director at Overture with the Arts, non-profit organization specializing in youth and arts, for the annual Teen Songwriting Competition (2019-2021)
  • Professional Lounge Pianist and Singer since 2009,
    • Performances and tours across Canada, the US, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, South Korea, and more
    • Band leader, singer and keyboardist in several bands, including The Masters of Groove, The Velvet Lounge, Annakin Slayd, Kix Party Band
  • Started private classical piano lessons at the age of 4
  • Followed jazz piano and band lessons from the McGill Conservatory from 2005-2011

Why take piano lessons?

For parents of young children:

It is commonly recognized that music is directly correlated to high performance in academic subjects such as math and science. While stimulating the creative side of the brain, the discipline required to learn the language of music and to train the muscles and fingers for intricate coordination ensures a rigorous yet enjoyable development of neural pathways and motor skills.

Many of the world's top renowned doctors, scientists, Nobel prize winners, politicians, CEOs and entrepreneurs started music at a young age. Piano lessons should be part of your child's overall education and personal development. While music is taught in many public and private schools, rarely is it taught at the high level seen in private instruction. Years later, many high achievers in piano go on to become top students in many different fields and get into the university of their choice.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to give your child the best education possible!

For adults:

It is never too late to pick up a new skill like piano. Stimulation of the brain is required at all ages, and learning music is one of the best ways to work on memory and muscle coordination, while providing an enjoyable way to relax and release stress.

It is not true that it takes longer to learn piano as an adult compared to a child. The only difference is that, oftentimes, life gets busy and gets in the way of practicing. Motivated adults can learn basic piano skills and be able to read within just a few weeks of dedicated study.

For all adults at all stages of life, starting piano as a beginner, or picking it up again after a long absence, requires the basic ingredients of success: time, patience, practice and dedication.

Don't miss your chance to fulfill your dream of playing the piano!

Telephone: FaceTime 1-954-408-5947


  • Dedicated. Patient. Organized. Committed. Encouraging. Passionate. Talented.

    Walking into Melina's practise studio is like entering another world. One inhabited by talent, fostered by patience, focus, commitment, encouragement, and a passion for music as both science and art. Transported at the seat of her grand piano, the student is accompanied by a master of her craft, navigating through all that is new, and polishing the old to make it shine. Each lesson with Melina is structured and each is refreshingly unique. Post-lesson comes an email summary, setting me up for success with homework that deepens my satisfaction and builds excitement for our next session together. Simply put, Melina is the BEST teacher I have EVER had. - Lisa, age 46

  • Starting jazz classes with Melina Soochan has been a great transition to learn how to develop my improvisational skills, and to gain more freedom on the piano to be able to express myself.
    Melina's teaching is pragmatic and organized; breaking down complex concepts into step by step exercises and assignments.
    She keeps detailed track of my progress, which makes her teaching personalized and relevant to my needs.
    Melina is also a very empathetic and patient teacher. She is able to create a space in class which has made me comfortable to make mistakes and an environment to persevere and evolve beyond my previous playing capacity.
    In attending her students' concerts I've seen that Melina cares has a lot of respect for her students, and her students are very inspired by her. I also believe that with Melina's extensive experience in performance Melina knows well how to relate to people and is a great teacher for all ages; adults and children alike.
    I am very grateful for my lessons and I highly recommend Melina as a piano teacher.
    - Anna, age 33